Newsday – Review of Carthage by Joyce Carol Oates

You may wish, from time to time, that you could feel like a teenager again. “Teenage knees?” you think. “Sign me up!” But then you run into someone like Cressida Mayfield. The delicate heart of Joyce Carol Oates’ moody, marvelous new novel, “Carthage,” 19-year-old Cressida reminds you that those teenage knees come at a price: You’d have to suffer through all those teenage emotions again to get them.

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Washingtonian – Q&A with Scott Stossel on My Age of Anxiety

In My Age of Anxiety: Fear, Hope, Dread, and the Search for Peace of Mind, Scott Stossel—editor of the Atlantic and author of a 2004 biography of Sargent Shriver—describes his quest to understand his severe anxiety disorder. How severe? Among other things, Stossel fears enclosed spaces, heights, fainting, germs, flying, vomiting, vomiting on planes, and . . . cheese. Here’s a conversation with him.

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