The Washington Post – Review of Secondhand Souls by Christopher Moore

“Have fun with writing,” Christopher Moore once said. “Be as silly and as off the wall as you want to be.” Great advice — writing should be fun. But Moore, well, he takes that to a whole new level. Just get a load of this sentence, which arrives early in his flat-out bonkers new novel, “Secondhand Souls”:

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The Forum – Don’t have this procedure

If you like to hike or climb or surf or fish, you may know the high-end outdoor-clothing company Patagonia. Then again, you might also know Patagonia if you’ve ever visited Manhattan during winter, when affluent “Patagucci” devotees line the city streets, wrapped in the brand’s trendy, pricey, puffy down jackets.

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The San Francisco Chronicle – Review of Skyfaring by Mark Vanhoenacker

We’ve all been there. Clear morning, quiet terminal. You’re a little early to your gate, and you’re watching the ground crew do their thing. Rationally, you know this works. It always works. But somewhere deep inside, there’s that small, primal part of you. It sees those tiny people working on that giant, manmade, metal bird. “There’s no way in hell,” it whispers, “something that big gets off the ground.” And yet every day, around the world, thousands do.

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The Washington Post – Review of the Perfection of the Paper Clip

James Ward is the co-founder of the annual Boring Conference, a “one-day celebration of the mundane, the ordinary, the obvious and the overlooked.” He marked the end of last year with a blog post titled “Photos of Things I Held In My Left Hand in 2014.” A hoarder of free pens and complimentary postcards, Ward has now published his first book, “The Perfection of the Paper Clip.” It’s about office supplies.

I’ll give you a minute to catch your breath.

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